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Discussing bilingualism in deaf children: essays in honor of Robert Hoffmeister
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245$aDiscussing bilingualism in deaf children$bessays in honor of Robert Hoffmeister$cedited by Charlotte Enns, Jonathan Henner, and Lynn McQuarrie
250$aFirst published
264$aNew York, NY$aLondon$bRoutledge, Taylor & Francis Group$c2021
300$axxi, 250 Seiten$bIllustrationen
520$aSeaworthy construction : theoretical underpinnings of bilingual deaf education. Two centuries of deaf education and deaf agency in the United States / Brian H. Greenwald ; Sign language acquisition in context / Jenny L. Singleton and Richard P. Meier ; Iconicity : a threat to ASL recognition or a window into human language acquisition? / Naomi Caselli, Amy Lieberman, and Jennie Pyers ; The acquisition of motion events in verbs of motion / Frances Conlin ; Sustained visual attention in deaf children : a deafcentric perspective / Matthew Dye and Brennan Terhune-Cotter ; Theoretical underpinnings of acquiring English via print / Catherine L. Caldwell-Harris -- Launching the voyage : bilingual teaching strategies for deaf students. Revisiting rethinking literacy / Marlon Kuntze and Debbie Golos ; How can you talk about bilingual education of the deaf if you do not teach sign language as a first language? / Vassilis Kourbetis and Spyridoula Karipi ; The bedrock literacy curriculum / Kristin A. Di Perri ; Crossing the divide : the bilingual grammar curriculum / Todd Czubek ; The relationship between ASL fluency and English literacy / Jessica Scott ; Using ASL to navigate the semantic circuit in the bilingual mathematics classroom / Claudia M. Pagliaro and Christopher Kurz -- Sailing into the wind : challenges of signed language assessment. Building the ASL assessment instrument / Patrick J. Costello ; Assessing ASL vocabulary development / Rama Novogrodsky ; Assessing ASL : comprehension, narrative, and phonological awareness / Lynn McQuarrie and Charlotte Enns ; The legacy of Robert Hoffmeister : on the importance of supporting deaf scholars / Jonathan Henner, Patrick Rosenberg, and Rachel Benedict.
690$aGehörloses Kind
690$aZweisprachiger Unterricht
690$aAmerican sign language
700$aEnns, Charlotte$eHerausgeberIn$4edt
700$aHenner, Jonathan$eHerausgeberIn$4edt
700$aMcQuarrie, Lynn$eHerausgeberIn$4edt
700$aHoffmeister, Robert$eMitwirkendeR$4ctb
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